What is Digital Delivery?

As technology moves on we move with it. We deliver all our films on USB as well as via online downloads. This allows you to back up your precious memories without loss of quality. Got a smart TV? Let us know and we'll optimise the files for playback on your specific device. 

Can we meet before we decide?

Of course. In fact, we encourage it. We always recommend an informal meeting to discuss exactly what you hope to achieve from your wedding video before you book.


Do I have to pay a booking fee to hold my date?

If you have an interest in using our service then the first step would be to contact us and check if the date is available. If it is then we will reserve the date for you without a fee until we can arrange a meeting to discuss your needs. If at that stage you still require time to consider your options we can hold the date for a further 7 days (possibly longer if agreed). This way you can make an informed decision as to whether our service is right for you. If you decide to go ahead and book with us then a £100 non-refundable booking fee is required to continue holding the date.


What if I want something you're unable to offer?

Then we will be open and honest. As much as we would like to film your wedding we believe that you should be happy with your choice and not settle. This is your day after all. If we’re able to make any suggestions or recommendations we’d be happy to.

What if you have to stay later? Do you charge extra?

If you would like to add additional hours these are available as add-ons. If things are running slightly behind we won't simply pack up and leave. We will use our discretion on the day but we try to be as flexible as possible.


When would I have to pay the full balance?

As part of our standard contract, we require payment of the final balance no later than 2 weeks before the wedding date. If this isn’t possible or you would like to discuss arranging a different payment date then simply make us aware before a contract is signed. We will do our best to accommodate as we fully understand that a wedding can be a very expensive event and the last thing you want is everybody chasing you for money at the same time. If a later payment date was agreed however please understand that the final product wouldn’t be released until final payment was made.

Will I be able to preview the video before it’s delivered?

Absolutely. We offer an online viewing facility. This is usually done near the end of editing.


How long will it take?

Up to 12 weeks depending on current workload. We will make every attempt to reduce the time where possible providing it doesn’t compromise the quality of the final product.

What if I want to cancel my booking?

You have 14 days to cancel your booking and all money paid, including booking fees, will be returned to you. After that period if you cancel more than 4 weeks in advance then all money paid will be refunded except for the initial booking fee. Any cancellation within 4 weeks of the wedding 50% of the total costs will be payable. If cancelled less than 7 days before the wedding then 75% of total costs will be payable.

What if we change our wedding date?

If you have to change your wedding date for any reason then please let us know as soon as you can. If we are available we will happily move everything over to your new date. If we are unavailable, and assuming the original date is more than 4 weeks away, then we would consider this a cancellation. Any monies paid would be refunded with the exception of the non-refundable deposit.

How do you accept payment?

Our preferred payment method is bank transfer however card payments can also be accepted. 

Have a question not listed here? Send us a message and we'd be happy to answer.